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Two weeks had passed since Velkan or Licantho had left the team. The news had caught all of the other titans by surprise....except for Red Star, who was the first one to express his relief of Velkan´s sudden dissapearance....and also was the first one to get a punch from Pink Star.

After the fight between those two, the whole Teen Titans members began the search for their oldest (and tallest) friend; from the nort to the south, from the east to the west, but there were no signals of the werewolf, his comunicator was left behind, he made sure that there would be no way to find him.

The search was supposed to be only for two months, but the separation between Red Star and Pink Star made it to have a larger time to find the only one in the whole world who had enough patience to make them act as relatives again.

While the titans looked in the places where they knew that the werewolf used to visit, the one who was searched made his way to Germany, deep inside himself, Velkan felt a great sadness in his heart, it seemed that his painfull past wouldn´t leave him alone: Red Star was the proof of it.

Crossing Siberia and Poland gave him the time to at least remember the good times with the titans, especially with someone who now was crying for him in the Titans North base. However, in the frontieer of Germany there were two persons waiting for him;
A blonde man with blue shocking eyes and his wife, a japanese female with violet eyes and black long hair...his old partners in crime.

Velkan greeted at them and so they did, the three of them sweared to never loose contact between them after the WW2, thing that they have been kept since then.
The blonde man shook hands with Velkan with a wild smile "It´s good to see you again Velkan", and the werewolf, in response, nodded "it´s also good to see you again Ludwig and Ichigo"
Okaaaay.....itīs been a while since I wrote the fifth part, but here you go, itīs small but can be considered a new beginning

OOOOh~ things are getting pretty strange between the titans
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August 26, 2011
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