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Months had passed since Licantho's dissapearance and yet he was missing. NO matter how hard the Titans tried to find him, his werewolf friend was lost and now everyone was blaming Red Star for it.

"Well done Leonid" hissed Pink Star and Jink everytime they saw him, causing him to, eventually, avoid them. But the other titan's treatment wasn't very much different when it was about him.

Pink Star, hurt by Velkan's departure, made everyone know that, for her, his male self was no longer worthy of her attention by ignoring him shortly after he started avoiding her.

Robin and Cyborg couldn't help but keep trying to locate the missing member by radar while Raven did it by using her powers. The results were null all the time.

Beast Boy and the others, at every contact with the green eyed boy, ended up fighting and always being stopped by Supernova; the only one who seemed to still care for her boyfriend along with Kole and Gnarrk.

The whole team was broken, Kole and Gnarrk tried to show a cheerfull smile but it was inmediatelly killed by everyone's sadness.

In Germany, things had gone better for the former Nazi, whose old friends accepted gladly in their home.

Ludwig and Ichigo were former nazis as well and, like Velkan, they saw the most horrible side of the side they chose when they refused to obey.

Ludwig, a breathing-fire griffin with human form from Bavaria, became trully hostile to others to the point that getting into a radius of 1 km (.62 mi), could mean an instant death under the claws of the outraged beast. Only years of therapy helped him to calm down.

But Ichigo, a master in telekinesis from Japan, lost a twin in the Japanese experiments: her sister and her shared that power, both became very dangerous weapons during the WW2 but life went unfair to them and her sister died.

After the war, Velkan, Ichigo and Ludwig made a promise to themselves; never harm innocent people, never get under the goverment's rules. No one of them wants to repeat the horror.

"So, tell us old friend" Ludwig asked to the taller male as he handed a beer to his friend "what brings you back to us?"

Velkan was up to answer but Ichigo's sad expression let him to know that she had just read his mind

"A friend's seems that the darkest chapter of our lives was seen by a....russian titan" the japanese woman sipped a mint tea she made for herself

Lud's shock appeared inmediately, he did know that Velkan had joined the titans since, technically, he remained both physically and mentally as a teen even if hes more than 200 years old. But Ichigo's revelation was like a bucket of cold water right to his face.

"My past stained a former friend's own" The golden eyes of the werewolf went to his beer, looking the reflection of it "and I'm just paying that price"

"....tell us all if you want" Said both of his friends with a concerned gaze.

It took to Velkan a while to explain how a good friendship turned out into a violent fight and self-distancing from those who were his friends. All by the fault of a simple curiosity that did more than simply "kill the cat".

Still, his friends understood each word of Velkan's story and took a desicion; Velkan will stay with them and together they'll go over the experience and start all over again.

And so, Velkan (pretty much against his constant offers about staying in a wolf's form and lay down in the living room to avoid being a bother) got his own room and recived a family's treat. And soon, he reinstated himself to the normal life by working with Ludwig, who is a police cop.
However Ludwig was displeased when he got to know that Velkan chose to work as a dog of the special police canine unit.

True, he has three stages of transformation; Werewolf, big wolf and normal dog (even if his normal wolf dog is as big as an Irish Wolfhound), but the fact that his best friend was chosing that way to interact with others was an offense to him.....until he got to know by Ichigo that there were some titans in the zone, looking for him as it seemed so.

'smart Velkan, hidding like a dog' Ludwig thought to himself as he went right to the training field with the new dog that caught the attention of the other police men, not for his uncommon size but mostly for his smooth and silky black hair and golden eyes.

In the Titan's North base silence was everyday's sound that was only broken when someone walked around. Leah was now a way serious person, Kole and Gnarrk preferred to stay outside as much as possible, Argent spent more time in her room and Cassidy looked in despair how her beloved Leonid tried to make himself believe that he did the right thing.

Only a miracle could be of help to fix things now.
Another part of my fanfic
I do own Supernova/Cassidy
Pink Star/Leah
Ludwig and Ichigo

Teen Titans belong to DC Comics
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